Webcomic and animated comic

Jeg er lige blevet færdig med denne korte tegneserie om erindringer fra barndommen. Samtidigt med at jeg tegnede serien, lavede jeg også en let animeret udgave med lyd. Du kan læse serien og se hele videoen her: https://miwer.dk/ojet I just finished working on a short comic about childhood memories. At the same time, I madeContinue reading “Webcomic and animated comic”

Work in progress – New crime book for kids

I am currently working on a new book series with the to characters, Rosa and Marie. It is a series of light crime stories, and the two girls get involved in different cases, which may look very scary at first glance. The stories are written by Per Østergaard, and he is

Work in Progress – KLUB4 (Club 4)

A few screenshots and a little glimpse og work in progress. I am currently in the process of adding colors in Photoshop to the illustrations from the forthcoming book with the

New book, fresh from print – The Keys to Hell

Yesterday I received this book from my publisher, Alinea. I have made the illustrations for this book, written by Peter Grønlund. And the title is “Nøglen til Helvede” (danish) – “The Keys to Hell”. It’s not everyday you get

Work in progress – Easy readers books #3 – Final stage

I have just finalized the work on two books in a series with four detective kids. The series is called “Club 4”, and it is written by Per Østergaard. The publisher is Alinea. And the last thing the book needed, was

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